Willian, Design, ltd, flat glass equipment
Willian Design ltd. flat glass equipment

Willian Design Ltd., was founded in 1977 as a company of industrial and engineering designers working on a variety of products. By 1980 Willian Design had become involved in the design and production of equipment for the flat glass industry, operations which have expanded to include:

Horizontal and vertical glass washers
Machinery for the production of insulating glass
Machines for coating glass
Glass handling machines
Special purpose machines

Willian's design facility continues to carry out it’s activities in a range of fields (telcom, medical and industrial) and enhances the company's abilities to develop hybrid, special purpose machines for the flat glass industry.

Willian Design’s products are designed and made in Stevenage, U.K., where an extensive stock of spare parts are held and from where a team of service engineers are available for technical support by telephone or for site visits anywhere in the world.

Willian Design Ltd., is the leading British supplier of equipment for the flatglass industry.

We export globally.

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